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False lash cleaner and brush

False lash cleaner and brush

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False lash cleaner and brush set formulated specially to target the dirt, oil and makeup residue found in lashes. 50ml deep-cleaning spray with a lint-free cleansing brush.

Dirty lashes mean they will fall off quicker! This foaming lash wash has been formulated specially to target the dirt, oil and makeup residue found in lashes, while improving retention.

In your false lash cleaner and brush kit we've included a lint-free brush that's specifically made for lashes. This brush helps to get in between all those lash layers, giving them the deep cleanse, they need for great retention!

Our cleanser's gentle formula is perfect for sensitive eyes when paired with our ultra-soft lash brush. It's the perfect duo to get rid of buildup of sebum, dust, germs, and proteins. Free from alcohol, parabens, sulfate, and many other chemicals that are usually found in similar products.

EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR FALSIES: A game changer! Our false lash cleaner and brush set features a specially formulated lash cleaning spray (50ml) designed to dissolve strip lash adhesive and will not only condition, refreshes false lashes but also ensure maximum cleanliness at a professional level for multiple uses. Spray-on generously to faux lashes, let it sit for few minutes to soften the lash glue, remove remaining sticky residue with the cleanser brush and comb, allow lashes to dry and your falsies are clean as new - ready to reuse!

DEEP-CLEANING SPRAY, FAUX LASH HYGIENE BUDDY: Kaursmetics False Eyelash Cleaning Spray cleans off any excess makeup (including mascara), dirt, and oils which are naturally attached to your fake lashes over the course of your day. Cleaning false eyelashes reduces the risk of infection, itchy eyelids, and other eye irritations, especially when you decide to reuse and have your falsies on!

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